Kendra Laine Perkins - Teacher Librarian, Life Long Inquirer & Explorer

                                    The amazing Scott McCloud and me, Kendra Perkins

                                    The amazing Scott McCloud and me, Kendra Perkins

Official Bio

Kendra Perkins is the Ambassador of China for the International Librarians Network. She is the Head Librarian & Extended Essay Co-Coordinator at a school library. She was elected to be Coordinator for the Shanghai Librarians Network (SLN), which is a community of almost 100 library professionals from more than 20 schools. She is currently completing the ALA accredited Masters in Library and Information Studies program at the University of Alberta. She loves to present her ideas, keep up with the latest technology trends & meet new people.



A Little Bit of My History

My first real job was working at a public library. In between that and my current job I have tried out many, many different jobs and volunteered at a variety of establishments in a few different countries. This includes being a flight attendant for a Middle Eastern airline (which allowed me to travel to over 80 countries), serving and bartending in a variety of restaurants, helping at a local animal shelter, selling cotton candy at a summer fair, marketing dishwasher soap, telemarketing (mind-numbingly horrible), teaching in university and private school settings, and many more unrelated but interesting part-time jobs that allowed me to pay for university and live.  

Testimonials from Library Consultations & workshops

Chiara Abrile - librarian, Deledda international school, Genoa, Italy

This is currently my first year as Librarian and I’ve had the opportunity to have a training with Kendra. 

Kendra fully understands the difficulties faced by the students in the production of the Extended Essays and she was very helpful , showing me sites and applications to help students in this difficult task.

Thanks to her knowledge, to her many advices and her friendly approach, I found solutions to many problems. Now I’m full of new energies and ideas that I can’t wait to put them into practice! 

Teodora Atanasova - Librarian, United World College, Changshu, China

We are in the midst of setting up our library and it was incredibly helpful to be able to draw from Kendra’s experience and expertise. Kendra is extremely knowledgeable, very friendly and approachable and it was a true treat to be able to spend a whole day with her. By the end of her visit, we were full of new ideas as to how we can improve our library. I highly recommend Kendra. She will definitely help you make a difference in your library.

Fuli cui 崔福丽 - librarian, united world college, changshu, china


This is my first year to be a librarian. There are so many difficulties.  I was so luck to meet Kendra. She is an expert and full of experiences.  She took a whole day to answered every single question! She is a great helper!

Beijing librarians network may 2017 full day workshop

"A good mix of powerpoint, activities and discussions left me feeling revitalized and reaffirmed" - Jennifer Lazareck, HuiJia Beijing Private School 

"KP understands the nature of libraries and librarians, and gives easy, actionable steps to make this work in our schools"

Recent Presentations & Publications


Guest Contributor - IT Babble: Technology in the Classroom

June/July - Perkins, K. (2017, June). Book reviews: On the page: Book picks for kids and adults: The mystery in the Forbidden City. Urban Family. Retrieved from (page 47) or click here.

May - Beijing Librarians Network Full Day Professional Development Workshop. May 25, 2017. Led by Kendra Perkins. Sessions: "Getting Noticed" and "How to create the library you want to work in".

April/May - Perkins, K. (2017, April). Book reviews: On the page: Book picks for kids and adults: The boy who harnessed the wind. Urban Family. Retrieved from (page 47) or click here.

Beck, S. & Perkins, K. (2017). Research think tank presentation. JAWS FOBISIA conference hosted by Jonathan Guy at NLCS Jeju.

Feb/March - Perkins, K. (2017, February). Book reviews: On the page: Book picks for kids and adults: The day I swapped my dad for two goldfish. Urban Family. Retrieved from (page 45) or click here.

February - EAST Librarians Knowledge Sharing Workshop 2017 - Attendee all four days including library tour of six libraries in Singapore

January - Perkins, K. (2017, January). Book reviews: On the page: Book picks for kids and adults: Winterfrost. Urban Family. Retrieved from (page 43) or click here.


Guest Contributor - IT Babble: Technology in the Classroom

December - Live Webinar with over 1, 350 registrants from 79 different countries

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October - Perkins, K. (2016, October 19). Digitizing your library: Easy & quick ideas. The Digital Shift 8th Annual Virtual Conference. The Library Journal. Retrieved from: (click View Archive at the bottom of the page, length of availability unknown) or click here to read about the presentation

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Note: when RefME was purchased by CiteThisForMe my blog for them was edited without my permission so I asked them to take it down. It is no longer available online.

July - Live Webinar

Perkins, K. (2016, July 12). Distract me not: Using technology to focus on the research process. Retrieved July 14, 2016, from The Partnership: The Provincial and Territorial Library Association of Canada, or here.

June/July - Perkins, K. (2016, June). Little fish: A graphic novel for young adults. Urban Family. Retrieved from (page 45) or click here.

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May - Perkins, K. (2016, May 13). Readers for life: Book week A celebration of the written word. Retrieved June 8, 2016, from International Librarians Network,

April/May - Perkins, K. (2016, April). Life on Mars: Realistic Fiction for Pre-teens. Urban Family. Retrieved from (page 47) or click here

April - School Librarian Connection - Contexts and Conversations at Keystone Academy in Beijing, China - Presented Creating a Library Centered School - Getting your whole library team involved in building a community across the school. Simple projects that can encourage collaboration, engage teachers and benefit students. Building Community - Action

Joint Presentation: "The Ingredients for a Successful Event : Cooked up by Librarians for Librarians" with
Stojana Popovska, Beijing International Bilingual Academy, Beijing. Events and Intiatives - Action. Editable resources shared: Chinese & English Checklist for Guest Visitors

Perkins, K. (2016, April 19). The CRAAP test: An easy & fun way to evaluate research sources. Retrieved April 24, 2016, from RefME,

Note: when RefME was purchased by CiteThisForMe my blog for them was edited without my permission so I asked them to take it down. It is no longer available online.

For Spanish translation of The CRAAP test: An easy & fun way to evaluate research sources see Evaluación de sitios web by María García-Puente.

March - Librarian-A-Like for the IB Librarian at the Western International School of Shanghai (WISS) - Presented "RefME: The Best Reference Generator Around & It's Free"