Charity Work in China

For a few years now I have been working with the charity Mifan Mama to help local orphanages here in China. This has actually been a huge help to our school as well. With a lot of older books and computers that we need to get rid of to make space for newer resources, we were in desperate need of a good home for these items. I have blogged about them in the past, but we just recently received photos from them showing our donated computers in use, so I wanted to promote this great charity again. We've been doing a lot of weeding lately, so I'm sure we'll be contacting them again soon to help us out :) 


This is a wonderful charity to work with. If you are in China I highly recommend using them. They will come to your school to pick up large amounts for donation and you are rest assured that the materials are going to be well used. They speak English too, making them very easy to communicate with. 


For more information about Mifan Mama and other projects they've worked on, see here: 

What do we do?

I’m hungry” were the words that led to the founding of Mifan Mama in 2008. They were spoken to a foreign lady by a little girl who was in need of food. To make sure that the response was an ongoing effort and not just a ‘one off’ Mifan Mama was formed. Mifan Mama went on to supply basic food items and so much more to that orphange for over three years.

From that time Mifan Mama has grown, and are able to provide food, clothing, educational support, medical support and equipment to orphanages in six provinces in China, we also support groups in Shanghai where needed.

To donate or volunteer with them, find more information here. Contact Julie Garrat if you're interested in working with them at


Kendra Perkins

Ambassador of China for the ILN