Digitizing Your Library: Follow Up

I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who signed up and watched the wonderful presentations at The Digital Shift: The Service Continuum.

I think that these online conferences are going to become more and more popular. They're a really great way to attend a free professional development, learn some new skills or get new ideas! I love that they record a lot of the content so that it can be accessed by others afterwards. They had a great online platform that allows you to "walk" through all the different presentations, biographies of presenters, sponsors, and more. 

If you wanted to see what the schedule for this event looked like click here. This was a very well organized conference with multiple sessions at different time lengths so participants have a lot of variety to choose from. This conference is completely free, so why not check it out?

Check out their social media! Even if you didn't attend this conference, people tweet and share additional resources and ideas that they have while watching presentations. Check out their tweets here:

@ShiftTheDigital #TDS2016 @kendraperk1

To view the archive of recorded presentations, click here and scroll down to the "View Archive" button. I am not sure how long they will keep this accessible, so check it out soon!

I was especially inspired by Nicholas Carr, I highly recommend checking out his presentation: 

For details of the program click here.

Follow Up Questions & Answers from my Presentation

Check out what my presentation was about by clicking here.

Question 1:

Our issue is server space.  Yes we can scan and digitize but to put this data online, we need a server and so have to rely on grants for monies for space, hardware and staff time. Thoughts?

My Answer:

We are saving them to our server but we don’t have to worry about space, thankfully.

If the PDFs are in the public domain you can do this with Google Drive or Dropbox but if it’s not in the public domain then the patrons would have to have a log in and it would need to be stored on the library server. However, it’s possible to add an external 1 TB drive to the server and that is much cheaper than adding hard drives in the server. 

To get the external drive to work it has to be added as a Symlink, your IT person/server person should understand what that means. 

I hope that's helpful, I consulted an IT expert to ensure that all of this is correct. 

Question 2:

Where are the materials posted?

My Answer:

The materials post to the server that our library uses. The PDFs that we are uploading typically aren't huge files and we do have a lot of space available so this has not been a problem for us. If you're concerned about this I would ask whoever is responsible for IT set up about server space if you are unsure. 

Question 3:

Do international tools like remind.com exist?

My Answer:

I know that Google Calendar can send out text messages to whole classes, which would be similar to remind.com (I just watched the video explaining what it is on the site, I have never heard of this software before). This would depend however, on the country. For example, I know that this works in the U.A.E. because our school there did this. However, this would not work in China because all Google software is blocked so it would be illegal to use this. I see your email address ends in ".au" I assume that means you are in Australia, so I can't see any reason why Google Calendar wouldn't work there but I have never personally tried this in that country. 

Kendra Perkins


Ambassador of China for the ILN