Navigating the New IBO Extended Essay Website

Where should you get started with reading through all the material posted on the brand new IBO Extended Essay website?

It can be a bit tricky navigating around any new site. This update is very visually appealing and packed with information, but sometimes I found myself getting a little lost and worried that I was going to miss an important section. So I thought I would create a blog to organize it for myself and others. Hope this is helpful :)

These are what I consider to be the most important sections:


1) What’s new in EE from 2016

- Table format that clearly outlines the upcoming changes, very easy to read and print off for reference 

- finalized version will be available in August 2016

2) Updates 

These are at the bottom of the homepage, scroll all the way down to see these important messages. If you start clicking around at the top of the page it's easy to miss this!

3) The Guide

- PDF version of the complete 376 page EE Guide

I found this by clicking download all at the bottom of the page:

4) Excellent Supervisor Resources

 Supervision model—an example

- Excellent guidance that supervisors can use to have a more clear and standardized practice for sessions with their students

- This could easily be used as a tool to be adapted into a PD taught by IB Coordinators, EE Coordinators, etc. 

 Reflections on Planning and Progress Form

- The new printable PDF form 

 Researcher's Reflection Space & PDF version (easy to print this second version)

- I'm happy to see clear explanations for what things should be considered in reflecting upon the EE and reasons for why this is so important

"A well-used RRS will aid the reflection sessions students have with their supervisor, as elements of it can be used to stimulate and inform discussion. This will help students to move towards a more evaluative understanding of the research process and the choices they make as part of this"

Sample Research Questions

5) Updated Assessment Criteria & Unpacking the Criteria

- There will be 5 criteria only :)

6) Videos & Blogs

- The first one up is about the role of the librarian - yay!

- uses Vimeo which means it will play in China (unlike YouTube videos)

- Blogs bring up some interesting stories from educators and students

7) Follett IB Store

- IBO materials are now sold via Follett

8) Printables & Icons

Learner Profile

Logos & Programme Models


Brochures, flyers and posters

Purchase Posters

Skills development in the EE

9) Excellent World Studies EE section

- many more details about the specifics of this type of EE - very helpful

10) The Librarian's Role - Supporting the EE

- beautifully put together section that includes us, librarians! 

- includes a circular flow chart, easy to follow table of Do's and Dont's

11) The research and writing process

- really wonderful flow chart that can be saved as a PDF that shows the research steps for the EE

Here's just a sample of what this great flow chart looks like. There are 12 nicely laid out steps to follow. This is a great resource for educators and students!

Here's just a sample of what this great flow chart looks like. There are 12 nicely laid out steps to follow. This is a great resource for educators and students!

Unfortunately there must be Google code in this new website. I can't load this easily in China, so thankfully I found the PDF version of the guide for offline reading. I'm also hoping that a Mandarin Chinese translation of this site comes out in the future, that would really help our school out a lot. 

Please note that I am in no way affiliated with IBO. I'm just a librarian who loves this programme and wants to share my ideas on how to use the recent changes. 

I am sure that I have missed important sections somewhere, if there are any other links that you think should be added please comment below or contact me (thanks in advance librarian friends).

Kendra Perkins