Book Week!

Our library team collaborated with the English and Chinese departments to organize our second annual Book Week. It was a lot of planning and a few things didn't follow that plan, but in the end it was a complete success. This isn't possible without the support of our whole community. The strength of the week came from the fact that every department contributed in some way to this celebration of the written and spoken word. This includes…

                              Welcome to YK Pao School Book Week!

                              Welcome to YK Pao School Book Week!


·      Our humanities teachers read historical quotes

·      Displays were created from famous economists

·      Students were asked to present quotations from famous Economists & explain the meaning behind them to their classmates

·      Reading time was set aside during class time and the importance of reading was discussed

·      Time was taken to give students a chance to share ideas from their favourite books

·      Children’s books that had a science theme embedded in their story were read during class time and then the scientific concept was discussed

·      Our P.E. department started or ended practice with a quotation and plans to continue this practice after Book Week is long past

·      The latest Science journals and literature was read by students together

·      Health quotes & Music quotes were shared

·      Year 7 Drama class special performance of 'Sparkleshark'


These are just a few of the ways reading was incorporated into classes this week. This is a recognition that we all, through our education and personal development owe a great deal to our reading.

The campus was alive with events including...

 The Chinese Department's version of Ted talks


Flash Mobs

Students surprised fellow classmates and staff with performances related to Chinese literature. 


Staff members participated in a talk show style discussion for students. Teachers brought in a book that was a favourite back when they were the same age as the students they were presenting to. Whole year groups of students got together to watch and ask questions. This event went really well! We've had students asking the library for the books that teachers mentioned :) 

Book Quizzes

The English Department organized whole year level quizzes based on books that the students had read, and English grammar & writing terminology. They were grouped in tables together to work out the answers together. 

Guest Authors

Shanghainese Author Ruoxi Wang

Ruoxi Wang, Ying He & Kendra                     Perkins

Ruoxi Wang, Ying He & Kendra                     Perkins

American Author Michael Levy with his book Kosher Chinese: Living, Teaching, and Eating with China's Other Billion

                       Michael Levy & Kendra Perkins

                       Michael Levy & Kendra Perkins

Scavenger Hunts teaching research skills, Contests, a Costume day, Book to Film viewings, ZhongShu Book Fair, and a Book Fair by Obido Books. This was all tied together with our Book Week Bunting, which was a visible manifestation of the reading habits our current and past students. Each individual pennant was designed by students as a record of their favourite book or author.

We are looking forward to celebrating reading again with everyone next year at our third annual Book Week.

Kendra Perkins