A Fun Way to Promote Your Library Locally

Lately I've been thinking about different ways that I can promote what great things are going on in our school library, not only so that our school community knows. Bigger than just our school. Other schools in the city, other potential parents and students. Libraries are exciting places! 

One idea is to reach out to your city's local magazines and newspapers. I recently wrote a book review that was published in the Urban Family April/May edition. It's distributed around Shanghai for free. You can find it in restaurants and clinic waiting rooms all over the city. It was fun to write, and it's a great way to promote your school for free. 

This was then further promoted by our school using social media, such as WeChat:

English Version or Chinese Version

How Can You Do This Too?

Many cities have free magazines similar to Urban Family that promote local events and businesses. Contact your local magazines, or newspapers and offer to write something for them. I did this completely for free and I chose the book that I wanted to review. It's a book that our students love and that I have personally read and enjoyed as well.  

Where Can I Find Places to Write for?

Time Out - Magazine that has many different editions for cities all around the world

If you're living overseas, a simple google search for the term "expat magazines" pulls up a lot of options for publications and expat websites all over the world. There are so many options. You can narrow your search down to your country, region or city from there or think even bigger and write for international publications. 

Hope this short blog gets you thinking :) 


Kendra Perkins


Ambassador of China for the ILN